Why getting custom temporary tattoos is a better idea. Six benefits of fake tattoos that look real

Why getting custom temporary tattoos is a better idea. Six benefits of fake tattoos that look real

Tattoo designs can go wrong Yup, you’ve heard it right, things may not always turn out to be great. Not all tattoo designers have a steady hand. They often mess up with the tattoos but they are quick to cover up their mistakes. Some of them do create ugly tattoos.

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Getting a job is tougher Business owners are serious about their work, so are the bosses. Having visible tattoos may give them the impression that you’re not going to be serious about the job. Tattoos give people mixed impressions such as you’re a hippie and won’t be a very good employee, you may steal from the company. Not all the tattoos are good looking Tattoos don’t always look good. Some of them can look real bad on you, I know I know they looked good on paper but having it done on your body can be a whole different story. You may end up hating your tattoo in future People changes so does the taste. Remember you used to love colorful dresses when you were young? As you grew up your taste for dresses changed too. Same goes for the tattoos. Relationships fall apart, tattoos don’t So you’re in love! The days are beautiful and as a token of love towards your partner you decided to tattoo on your body. Things have changed and your partner cheated on you, now you’re stuck with the name or image of the person you hate the most. Have you heard about the famous stories of celebrities being stuck with their ex’s names tattooed on their body and hating it? Read more about celebrities hating their tattoos here Tattoos won’t help finding the love of your life Yup you heard it right. Of course there are once in a million stories of people falling in love because of the tattoos but exception isn’t an example. You’re going to be a lot more than your tattoo and to be honest girls aren’t always attracted to a tattooed guy. Even if they do get attracted it’s because of the personality and how they dress up. Bare skin is way more beautiful than a tattooed skin At least to my eyes yes. I prefer bare skin more than a tattooed skin. I’m sure some of you do too. God gave you your skin for a reason. If tattoos were beautiful he would tattoo your skin too. Your tattoos may look good on your eyes but can look ugly to others I know some guys that think their tattoos are the best but their tattoos are ugly as hell! Some people are just too self-centered or stupid to realize that! Tattoos aren’t sexy The last thing tattoos would do is to turn you on. May turn on some people but for most of us, having too much tattoo is a turn off. Despite all these everyone and their dog wants to do some tattoo someday. This is why I prefer temporary tattoos over permanent tattoos. Fake tattoos are something you can get rid of anytime you like. Let’s check out six benefits of getting a fake tattoo that looks like real tattoos Get rid of them anytime you want And get a new one! Don’t like your tattoo? Just remove it and try a new one. No expensive tattoo shop visits required. You can buy temporary tattoos online or shops near you for little dollar. No spending countless hours deciding between tattoo designs Yup and you can pick any 10 or so you like, you try one today and you have the luxury to try another the next week. Cool ehh? Cheap! Fake tattoos are cheap! You can get a fake tattoo for as low as 10 bucks to $50 where as a real tattoo may cost you anywhere from $50 – $150. It can go higher with size, details and colors. Having several of them can cost you a few thousand dollars. A friend of mine has both his arms tattooed with incredible details, each of them did cost $3500. They can look like real tattoos Fake tattoos that look real are cool. I did one once that looked so real even a tattoo artist couldn’t believe it herself! No risk of infection Permanent tattoos can be dangerous. You can get minor to life threatening infection from them. You may get

  • Scars
  • Skin inflammation or dermatitis
  • Bacterial Skin infections
  • You may get granulomas or small lumps around the tattooed area
  • Small lumps that form around the tattoo called granulomas
  • You may be allergic to tattoo ink
  • Using non sterile tattoo needle can get you infected with HIV, hepatitis and several other serious diseases.

Removal process Removing permanent tattoos involves cutting the skin deep enough to reach the pigments and removing them which is not easy or using laser. Neither of these are easy. They are painful and costly. Even if you are able to remove the ink permanent scars remain which makes that part look ugly.

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