Why do I still use blackberry Q10 in 2017 and planning to buy Blackberry Keyone.

Why do I still use blackberry Q10 in 2017 and planning to buy Blackberry Keyone.

Gone are the days when everyone and their dog used to own a blackberry. Blackberry was incredibly popular not only among the business users but the young people and school going kids. The sole reason for that was the blackberry’s iconic QWERTY keyboard and infamous customization options.

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I have owned several Blackberry phones including classic ‘Blackberry Curve 8230’ and I must say although the QWERTY keyboard is the best thing about a Blackberry, I never liked them very much. I always had this doubt ‘is it worth all the hassle’? Speaking of which, lets discuss about some of the ‘hassles’ every Blackberry had to face:

Old Blackberry phones suffered a lot in terms of speed. They would leg every now and then and a few aps would load very slowly.

Yes I hear you people! We had to pay extra cash just for the internet to be allowed on our Blackberry phones! Yes you heard it right! Fortunately there were some hacks that would allow you to use internet from your operator but they required several very annoying steps to follow and aren’t always guaranteed to work.

Battery drained again

Poor battery life
My old Blackberry curve would barely last 6 hours, not sure if I had a defective unite though but I had to put it on energy saving mode almost always, not to mention the screen dimming and several other tweaks I had to do in order to squeeze out the last bit of juice possible.

Although the idea of using a trackball is pretty cool and out of the world but it has its own drawback. The tip of your thumbs would hurt after you play with the ball for a good few hours. This had started to get worse day by day and I had to finally stop using the phone because you can’t navigate the phone without the trackball.
But still, why did I love the old Blackberry phones?

QWERTY keyboard
This is unmatched, you type like a pro and make less typos/mistakes. Messaging is fast and I love the tactical feedback.

I love the fact that you press Y and Youtube opens up! No mindless swiping or scrolling through the aps to find your desired aps, not to mention the time wasted by your mindless swiping! Back in the day it didn’t have aps but this was so handy and fast that having shortcuts was probably the biggest of all the reasons I kept my Blackberry.

I had set up settings on different keys so I could toggle real quick and run apps fast. This is something no non Blackberry users will understand ever!

Like others I had stopped using my blackberry as those new big screen touch phones looked so cool so I had to get one myself. It wasn’t long before I had started to miss those tactile feedback a physical keyboard gave me and not to mention the convenience all those shortcuts provided. As days went by I have started to hate touch screen phones. Frustrated I was desperately seeking an app that would provide me freedom from swiping and scrolling before I could find my desired ap. Tried many aps but all of them failed to make me happy.

I was out for QWERTY phone hunt again and found HTC Chacha. Very well built and very beautiful phone from HTC. It was built for Facebook users in mind. Bought one almost immediately but gotten fairly disappointed as the phone was painfully slow thanks to its 850MHZ processor and incredibly small 512mb of ram. Not to mention the battery life was horrendous.

Despite all these drawbacks I still love HTC Chacha because of how it looks and would pray to HTC, please make another HTC chacha sporting 4GB of ram, a good IPS display, the same design, quad core processor and 3000mah battery. I’ll be the first to buy one.

Blackberry Passport Silver

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Blackberry Passport Silver
But then one fine day I came across Blackberry passport and immediately fell in love with it. The shape is simply unmatched. I checked it out with very little expectations since I didn’t like previous BB OS much. But a little researched revealed Blackberry did a great job with OS 10. Especially with all the gestures, Hub and my all-time favorite shortcuts are still there. Bought a classic right away as passport felt big for my pockets.

I loved classic for everything it had to offer. But since classic was a bit on the heavier side so bought a Blackberry Q10 for my daily driver and haven’t looked back since then. I love using it daily, keeping my notes and reminders on the go, the phone is super sturdy and solid build.

Without further ado let me tell you what I love about BB OS 10.

Great job on that Blackberry. OS 10 is very fluid. Of course a few aps still lag but the OS itself is superfast and super fluid. In my almost a year of use neither my q10 nor my classic lagged or stuttered for once. Although some aps would load or operate slow during operation but the number is low. Most of the aps I use on a daily basis loads just fine.

I love hub, period. No more opening up multiple aps, message box, email app to check emails, texts. You get it all in one place including Facebook, Whatsapp, and any other notification of any app, presented in a manner won’t clog your space.

You get to check your phone calls on hub too. Saved me countless hours of my time and made my life a lot easier. I don’t have to spend 10 minutes of scrolling swiping and opening up multiple aps, I just spend a few seconds and I’m back doing whatever I was doing. This is what smart phones supposed to be right?

Press any of the numerical keys from 0 to 9 when your phone is locked and the screen turns on. You get to see all your notifications in brief on your lock screen (which is what I absolutely love). Place your thumb on the bottom of the screen and swipe up and the phone is unlocked. Place your thumb on bottom of the screen again and swipe up and then swipe right without lifting your thumb. The screen will reveal HUB from the left. After I swipe right, I just hold my thumb, take a look at my notifications real quick and swipe left again.

You can do this with running aps and you can take a quick look at your notifications without shutting down the app or interrupting whatever you were doing. This makes life so easy! I wonder why incredibly smart people at apple can’t do this! This would make their incredibly stupid OS a little less stupid.

Press any of the numerical keys to unlock the screen when locked. After you’re done checking out the notifications, place your thumb at the bottom of the screen again and swipe up and swipe down without lifting your thumb. This gesture will lock the device again. Brilliant right? Incredibly useful as well.

I love how the aps rest on desktop whenever you’re not using them. And all of these with incredibly fluidity, the phone never slows down!

Keyboard shortcuts
This is what I absolutely love about Blackberry. You can setup your favorite aps on any key you want and pressing them will run your desired aps. I have my aps setup on different keys so I just press the right key and the app runs. No mindless swiping and getting lost in tons of aps scattered throughout your app drawer. I don’t remember when the last time I have actually scrolled through my aps. I have Youtube on Y, Facebook on F to name a few.
You can also do a device wide search just by starting to type anywhere you want. Although it’s not as fast as I want it to be but still very useful.

I wasn’t expecting a good camera for such a phone but surprise! The camera is actually very good. Take very good photos. Low light images aren’t very good but who cares right?

Too bad Blackberry has given up on one of the greatest Mobile OS’s of all time. But since a more superior Blackberry Keyone on the horizon my only wish is please bring back all the coolest things of OS 10 and more on android and I’ll be a loyal Blackberry user for life (I know most of you will be too).

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