How having multiple remote control holder can ease up your life

How having multiple remote control holder can ease up your life

So I was sitting on my couch and watching TV and I needed to increase the temperature of our air conditioning unit to a level I can stop feeling cold. Exactly then I thought I needed a tv remote control holder.

We all feel it every now and then. We’re sitting comfortably on our couches, start feeling cold and look for the remote so we can up the temperature a bit. Either the remote is sitting on the other sofa teasing me or multiple remotes spreading across the room making it a mess. The same happens with the bed rooms too. Looking for the remotes but they aren’t anywhere close to you.

So I was looking for an effective solution to the problem. Since I’m a DIY guy I gave it a good thought and figured I could temporarily solve the problem with a shoe box. So I grabbed an abandoned shoe box collecting dust, cleaned and painted. Placed it on the table and there was it my very own remote holder.

Problem solved right? Wrong. Mom started complaining why I have shoe box on the table? She had somehow recognized what it was although I have had it painted!

So I went online and purchased my first remote organizer online. Placed it on my table, it had solved the problems and looked good too. So I wanted to get a remote holder for my bed. So I got this and placed it on my bed side table.

Now it’s a different story whenever I want to grab my remotes I know where I need to look for them. I no longer have to search random places for my remotes plus they look good too.

I don’t use the holder on my TV room for my remotes only. I let pen, marker pen, torch lights, small knife and a screw driver on my holder. So you know you can use it for multiple purposes.

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