Looking for a gift for your girlfriend? Why giving her nail polish that changes color and some chocolates is a good gift choice

Looking for a gift for your girlfriend? Why giving her nail polish that changes color and some chocolates is a good gift choice

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On our 4th year anniversary I was looking for something that would surprise her and make her happy. Picking up gifts for her was never an easy task since I always wanted to give her well thought out gifts. For our 2016th anniversary I didn’t give her any gift but I have gifted her the day. What I did was as follows: Took her to the place where we first met. There was a guy waiting for us with a note and a cake that says ‘This cake is for you, eat it where we ate the very first day’. Took her to the restaurant we went the first day. A waiter came and gave her another note that says ‘would you like to light up the sky’? She was puzzled and excited both at the same time, almost lost her voice out of excitement! We drove to an open field. The guys there gave her 4 sky lanterns and another note that say’s ‘each represents a year of love you have given me’! She didn’t know what to say! Hugged me with joy and cried. We then lit up the lanterns holding hands. Then she had received another note that said ‘will you lit up my food’? This time she had gotten it and said with a big grin on her face, a candle light dinner? We went to our favorite restaurant where I have had a table reserved. It was a roof top under the sky candle light dinner. The night was beautiful, gently breeze and blue moon. Once we were almost finished, I have given her my note that said ‘will you hold my hand for the rest of my life?’ she wrote a big ‘YES’ on the other side of the note and gave it back. It was undoubtedly the best gift I have given her. But this year she’s on another city for her internships. We couldn’t make plans so I was thinking I need something I could impress her with and she would love them too. Then I came across a page that had many nail polishes that change color. They respond by changing color if you pour water on them. They are heat sensitive so the part of the nails that are attached with your finger changes into a relatively colder area of your nail which is the outer part of your nails. So I bought 5 different colors of her choice just so they represent 5th year anniversary of our relationship. Bought some chocolates to complement the nail polishes too. Why chocolate? Chocolate has a special effect on a female body. Consumption of chocolate releases one or several hormones. These hormones make her happy. I want her to think of me while she’s eating her chocolate and putting on the nail polishes that I have given her. There’s a reason why I want her to associate my memories with her color changing nail polishes. Chocolate is a good way to build up the memories. Of course nothing can replace my physical presence but since she’s on the other side of the country and I can’t fly that distance now, this is all I could do right now. Did she like the color changing nail polishes? You bet she did! She called me up right away and let me know she was actually thinking to buy one but couldn’t manage time. Good for me she was craving for some chocolates too! So she liked what I have sent her and showed them to her friends.

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