How I choose the right iPhone Tripod for indoor shooting

How I choose the right iPhone Tripod for indoor shooting

So I occasionally shoot videos of my two pigeons and a few dogs that I own using my iPhone Tripod, well let me rephrase that, using my Phone Tripod as there’s no such tripod made solely for iPhone. Not because I love doing videos but because my pets are funny. They do all sorts of weird funny things from ‘getting stuck somewhere they would never usually go’ to ‘shutting down my personal computer’ while pooping all over the room.

You know birds, sometimes one small move can scare them which makes it difficult to film them. I needed to keep my iPhone still in order to let them do whatever funny things they are doing. The problem with your hand is it keeps shaking and the pets are aware you’re around. So I went shopping a gamepad and a few other gadgets. On a corner of the shop I have noticed the tripods. So I went forward to investigate further.

The types of tripods:

They had a few types of smartphone tripods. Notice that the smartphone tripods are different than more powerful and sturdy professional camera tripods. Tripods for phones don’t need to be as sturdy. Because smart phones are relatively less heavy.

– Telescopic leg Tripods

Name explains it. You can increase and decrease the length of the legs of the Tripod. It’s optimum for outdoor use. You can increase the legs and make decent videos with a good ground clearance.

– Fixed leg Tripods

These don’t have expandable legs. The legs are fixed and you’re stuck with a fixed ground clearance. These are mostly table top tripods. Good for close distance shooting.

– Octopus leg Tripods

These are by far the most usable of them all. The legs can be bent anyway you like. Which gives the flexibility of using the Tripod on most uneven surfaces like bed, sofa, uneven grounds etc. I have one that lets me place my phone on top of my thin LED monitor.

Bluetooth Remote Controller

Most of the tripods don’t come with a Bluetooth Remote Controller. You can either buy one from the same store or follow my trick and buy a selfie stick instead. Most of the selfie sticks do come with a Bluetooth remote and housing for screws to fit in. I have gotten a selfie stick that came with a Bluetooth Remote, you can screw a fixed leg tripod with it and as a result you get a ground clearance of up to 3 feet. The only problem is since you’re placing a long selfie stick on a tiny Tripod the whole thing is prone to shaking and wobbling.
Not a very good idea. If you want to shoot steady films you should get at least a fixed leg Tripod. If you’re looking for good clearance you should go for the telescopic Tripods.

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