Blackberry Priv Review 2018 – Why I use Blackberry Priv and why it’s still worth it.

Blackberry Priv Review 2018 – Why I use Blackberry Priv and why it’s still worth it.

This isn’t going to be just another ordinary Blackberry Priv review, I’m going to share my experience with you instead. Blackberry Priv is definitely not the fastest phone available on the market in 2018. I agree it’s not the perfect phone to buy in 2018, since you have all these flagship phones with best processors, more ram and beautiful designs. But I still love my BlackBerry Priv and I don’t think I would give it up for any reason. Instead I plan on keeping it for another year or two. Why? let’s find out.

The physical keyboard

You cannot find another smart phone with slide out physical keyboard. Blackberry physical keyboard is smart. You can not only type on it but you can do so much more. So let’s find out what else you can do on the Blackberry physical keyboard.


I love the ability to scroll using the keyboard without touching the screen. it’s pretty simple, all you have to do is slide out the keyboard, scroll like how you would on screen and you are good. You can scroll left right up and down.


Using the keyboard buttons as shortcut keys:
You can set 2 types of shortcuts for each of the keys. You can set shortcuts for both long press and short press of the same key. That way you can let your priv complete two different tasks using the same key.


I can type 10 times faster on physical keyboard then on on-screen keyboard. I can type while looking away. Blackberry includes gestures to make it easier to type and edit. Placing the cursor is easier too. Voice typing (the dictation) and editing is very easy. In fact, I wrote this article on my Blackberry Priv using voice dictation and, it barely took me half an hour to complete.

The screen

I love the screen of my Blackberry Priv. The 2K display is so big, crisp and sharp looking. Watching movies and playing games is so much easier on the display.


blackberry priv camera review

Definitely not the best camera around but I love the images it captures. Takes beautiful shots, especially in bright settings and natural photos.

Everyone loves it

Blackberry Priv is so different wherever you go everyone keeps looking at it. I’ve received so many compliments on the phone even from die hard iPhone fans.

Build quality

Maybe it wasn’t built like a tank but the build quality is solid. I love the back cover, it’s built using some kind of soft rubberized material. It provides more grip and during my almost 2 years of use I haven’t seen any kind of damage damage with heavy use. The phone has been my daily driver for almost two years now.

So what’s bad?

Gets hot! So hot that at times you wonder if you can worm a cup of tea? Well I don’t mind! What I do is I place it in front of the AC vent and cool it down. I have noticed sliding out the keyboard helps it cool faster.

The slowdown

Yes it slows down every time it is hot. If you have Facebook and Facebook messenger installed and running on background, these two applications can slow it down.

Every time I enable mobile data, the pending notifications from Facebook keep coming in and slow it down. It even slows down sometimes without any reason. Once it’s done with all the notification my Priv is faster as it is. Although it’s annoying at times, I’m okay with it.  Well you can improve the speed with some optimization found online. You can remove some pre installed applications like Blackberry hub to speed it up as well.

Also try installing the fewer apps possible. I have uninstalled Facebook app and Facebook Messenger and noticed fewer slow downs and reduced overheating problem. The phone ran noticeably faster as well. For my Priv the main culprits are Facebook ap and the Facebook messenger.

My secret tweak

Enable Developer mode (search Google  for more), Go to settings > Developer mode > Background process limit, set it to at most 2 processes. This keeps my Priv running smooth. You’d have to enable it every time you restart your Blackberry Priv.

Overall it’s still a great phone and with the current price drop it’s a must have if you want a cool qwerty slide out keypad phone with a regular full touch screen. I have absolutely no regret getting it.

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