About Us

Hello everyone! Safareey.com was founded to solve everyday issues and product reviews to help our readers solving the puzzle. Thank you for visiting Safareey. All the articles are written by us and aren’t published anywhere else. We welcome you to read any article you like and will be happy if it benefits you.


We are a group of professionals expert in various different fields. We at Safareey test out products, find a problem and solve it.


We love solving problems. I love hiking, traveling, eating out, swimming at the sea and what not? We are all passionate about life.

About Safareey.com

Everyday problems that with little effort and thinking can be solved from the comfort of our own home is what we show you. We figured people around us don’t have a clue how to solve simple problems like how to organize the remotes, how to fix cell phone video shake problem, how to easily read books on your bed without getting arms tired.

We figured we can reach more people as well as our friends with ease with a site where we teach simple solutions to simple problems. which is why this site.

Why is it called Safareey?

As city dwellers we face problems everyday. It’s like we live in a jungle of problems waiting for us on every corner. And our life is like a safari. Since this site focuses on solving the problems with a positive attitude and reviewing a jungle of products, thus the tag line: A jungle of information. .

Now you know the story and the motto so lets start reading. We welcome you to Safareey.com